Dress like a FASHION BLOGGER with this three things.

I’ve always been a fashion lover, but I’ve never been the type of girl that dress like a fashion blogger, my style is more classic and i don’t take any risk, talking about fashion, but lately i’ve been thinking that is time to change that.

I have to be honest, all my life i have dreamed to be super fashion, but the place where i live is not the one for that, nevertheless during the last weeks i love to make stylish with my clothes and making more street style looks, and i realize that they key to make a super fashion look is the details, i started to look all the outfits of my favorites fashion bloggers all around the world and i realize that the key in their outfits is to combine some trends to make a super wearable look, but at the same time a look perfect for a Fashion week.
That’s why today i want to share with you this three items that will make you look like a fashion blogger

Belt bags

Yes, this type of bags which are the emblem of tourists are a growing trend, at the first time that i hear that i was like: OH NO, THIS IS THE WORST FASHION TREND, but let’s be honest, i really love the looks that you can made with this, and you can also mark your waist with this.



Okey, we’ve already talk about the ugly term inside of the fashion world, with the  ¨Ugly Sweater¨ during christmas, but this sneakers of BALENCIAGA that are a boom with stars, socialites, and fashion bloggers, for me is not a thing, i don’t feel like i would wear it, BUT i really love the looks that fashion bloggers get with this sneakers, using this type of shoes will be a perfect way to take a risk on your outfit and with the right outfit you could definitely look like a fashion blogger.

Pants with side buttons

This trend is definitely my favorite of all, i just love the looks that you get with this pants, there are a lots of type of this pants but for me the best ones are the largest ones.


I wish you like the post, write me in the comments what do you think about this.

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